About Us

Our Brigadeiro

The Brazilian BonBon. 

These are our handmade Brazilian inspired bonbons. We create unique flavors while giving deference to the original intentions. 

All of our Brigadeiros are 100ish calories, vegetarian, nut free with the majority being gluten free! 

We pinky promise!

Brigadeiro Redux Flavors

Who We Are

We're a husband and wife who love sweets, but are over cupcakes.

After endlessly searching for the perfect dessert, we decided to take matters into our own hands (literally).

Part mad scientists, part confectioners and full time foodies; we've taken the traditional Brigadeiro - the Brazilian bonbon and blown the lid off the flavor profile.

Where to Find Us

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NUTRITION. Got a restriction? We've got you covered.

All our Brigadeiros are 100% Vegetarian. 

No meat is used in any of our products.

Milk and Sugar are our key ingredients.

We want you be nuts about our Brigadeiros, but rest assured, no nuts are used anywhere in our products. We strive to keep our kitchen nut free.

No gluten in our Brigadeiros. 

EXCEPT the S'mores and Pie flavors. 

We try our best to keep these gluten rolled buddies away from the rest.